Math is about Creativity

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"Dance" was never meant to be a repetitive act of the same moves over & over. Wasn't the person who originally invented a move improvising, after all? Same goes for music, math, or any subject really. The main issue I think with the education system around the world, is in fact that it doesn't let kids shine and thereby strengthen their inherent creativity, but rather it is founded on the false premise of rote repetition. Math has been about exploration and creativity from the start.

There is one particular teaching method, called the Moore method, which encourages just that. How would you like to sit in a college class, where you get to discover & invent the subject together with your fellow classmates? The future of education is not online, it's inside of us, our very own inner light.

I began doing research in like the second month of college, which eventually became my masters thesis. That's in no way special. You too can pull such a move, if you lose your pride, and approach mathematics with stupefying egoless humility, where you can stumble, fall, get up, and grow.