Intellectual Growth and Personal Life

In striving for intellectual growth, one must be careful when considering ideas, or systems of ideas. Their aesthetic appeal should not sway one in their critical objective consideration. Even a single flaw can have a devastating effect on the validity of the idea / system. The consideration must be multidimensional, transgressing one's personality and location in space and time. The potential effect of an idea is its harshest measure, and ideas without effect are worthless.
On the other hand, if an idea system takes away from one's personal life rather than make you something more, then self-reflection is required. It's better to approach ideas critically, with humility and measure, and to reflect this to your environment. The point of this life is not just intellectual but also personal growth, and if you isolate yourself that won't happen. In seeking intellectual growth, one's introversion can strengthen with potential negative effects on personal life. If one picks up arrogant attitudes due to intellectual growth, rather than trying to see another's point of view, that doesn't help either. Besides, what is intellectually cool, is not necessarily valid or worthwhile.
I think it is a grave mistake to allow perceived intellectual growth to overtake one's very real personal life. The only valid evaluation of philosophies is based on their end products in practice, for oneself and for society. Choose what you indulge in carefully.
"Bethink you, then, of old age which cometh all too soon, and not an instant will you lose. While yet you may, and while you yet enjoy the spring-time of your years, taste of the sweets of life. The years flow on like to the waters of a river. The stream that fleeteth by, never returns to the source whence it sprang. The hour that hath sped returns again no more. Make the most of your youth; youth that flies apace. Each new day that dawns is less sweet than those which went before."  —  Ovid