Companies of the Future

The following was my comment on The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)'s Facebook post What great transformation will the world see in the next decade?.

I don't know "what great transformation the world will see", I only know what I'd like to see, which is the end of sharkish capitalism. I don't resonate with "aggressive competitiveness", but I do with "constructive collaboration" to build a future together. What's the point of analyzing a trillion patents to prove that your innovation is novel, when companies could share an open-source database of ideas. The challenge would then become genuine innovation based on "the known". A global union will only be possible with a collaboration of companies, in a more socialistic way. I believe we would move away from making baby steps in technology that don't sell, to giant leaps like the walkman, that sell themselves without much marketing. Baby steps aggravate and dishearten the consumer as their iPad 2 becomes soon outdated, instead of sparking them on a deeper rationally practical level. Consumers should not be viewed as a field to be harvested for monetary energy with pointless products, but people to be served with useful ones. I would also like to see an end to the pyramidal hierarchies in companies that take forever to climb. By the time an innovative newbie gets to call the shots, their ingenuity and courage will falter. I think this is one of the major issues with innovation in companies today. How about some direct democracy within companies, where even the newbie can initiate? The HR departments in most companies need a serious check-up too, as they tend to operate on false principles, preferring extroverts to introverts for jobs that require the latter. Wisdom, courage, fore/insight, and intelligence should be the primary selection factors in conjunction with Myers-Briggs tests, that may require a revamping of current HR dogma.